G1 Transformation PT-M01 PT-M01 RICHTHOFEN Segelflugzeug Modus DX9 KO MP Action Figur Roboter Spielzeug Mit BOX

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€24.40 €17.33



100% Hohe Qualität Marke Neue

Material: PVC

Größe:15,8 CM

Verpackung: mit box

  • Größe: One Size
  • Alter Palette: > 6 Jahre alt
  • Skala: 1/60
  • Geschlecht: Unisex
  • Herkunft: CN(Herkunft)
  • Material: PVC
  • Marke Name: Lensple
  • Fernbedienung: No
  • Gebrauchsgut-Attribut: Fertigwaren
  • Abmessungen: 15,8 cm
  • Warnung: NO
  • Durch Animation Source: Western Animiation
  • Einzelteil-Art: Modell
  • Original Paket: Ja
  • Thema: Film & TV
  • Version Typ: Second Edition
  • Puppets Type: Modell
  • Modell Anzahl: RB0371
  • Bedingung: In-Stock Items
  • Fertigstellungsgrad: Fertigwaren
  • Soldat Zubehör: Soldat Fertigen Produkt
  • Mfg Series Number: Roboter


Gmxroswitha Grahl | 2020-12-08

Item received in good condition. This figure is an excellent value.

5 / 5

Ddsmith1 | 2021-01-31

Nice article for good price. Article kwqm without retail box but with the inlay tray. So well protected

5 / 5

Dashawaka | 2021-01-05

I would love for this store to think about packaging a bit more in the future! I’m glad that the original container this item has been shipped is was great at protecting my order! Nothing broken, thankfully! Always order with the box!

5 / 5

Lobo 6980 | 2020-12-23

Amazing figure! for a KO is very nice made. nice details, good plastic. one small issue with the legs but it is easily fixed. overall highly recommend if you want a good KO version of power glide!!

5 / 5

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